Case study - large conference

Large Conference Room London - Case Study


Deborah Finch


International Underwriting Association

Event Type

Large International Conference

Event Objectives

To bring delegates together from many sectors of the industry in a location and environment that:

  • Reflects very well on the International Underwriting Association and acts of an extension to their good name and reputation.
  • Combines quality with value for money with no hint of extravagance or waste.
  • Is readily accessible for delegates.

Venue used and reason for choosing it

Dexter House was chosen due location, abundance of natural daylight, spacious, airy feel and friendly atmosphere.

How did the venue help towards the success of this event

3 ways:-

  • With a combination of historic London surrounding the venue and ultra high tech interior, Dexter House helped create a professional atmosphere befitting a high profile company.
  • The venue staff became an extension of the IUA team, understanding our needs and constantly on hand throughout the event ensuring the delegates had everything they needed.
  • Conference Room and AV set up ran smoothly. This coupled with the high comfort levels and natural daylight, kept delegates feeling engaged and contented.

Client comment

" wanted to find a venue that actually felt like an extension of my own organisation - thus re-enforcing our reputation for quality.

Dexter House provided this in two ways  - with a great venue in a wonderful location but also through their trustworthy staff who couldn't have been more helpful or welcoming from start to finish.

The etc.venues team not only knew the venue very well but also understood my needs as an organiser making the logistics of planning and implementation easier and stress-free.

As a venue location, Dexter House is exceptional. Due to the success of our first event and our confidence in etc.venues, we have repeated our bookings for both conference and evening receptions this year, certain that our events will continue to be a success."