Case study - International Networking Event

International Networking Events - Case Study


Jenny Blount


Work Life Support

Event Type

National Networking Event

Event Objectives

To bring together a group of individuals on a regular basis in an inspiring setting to share best practice, catch up on industry news and keep each other motivated and energised.

Venue used and reason for choosing it

Maple House - chosen based on a recommendation but also because of the accessibility of Birmingham and the easy to get to location of Maple House itself.

How did the venue help towards the success of this event

In a number of ways:-

  • By being easy to get to (important as delegates were congregating from all over the UK)
  • By providing an attractive and inspiring setting to make sure the 'mood of conference' is upbeat, positive and motivational
  • By serving a wide range of high quality food and refreshments -  again particularly important as many delegates had travelled a fair distance
  • By providing an abundance of natural light - any delegates are trainers themselves and understand just how uninspiring a venue without daylight can be.

Client comment

" was recommended Maple House and decided to use it because the location met my requirements. It was fantastic to find that the venue also ticked all my other boxes as well.

The natural daylight that floods in to each room is superb and the deor and furniture is inspiring and energising. The staff clearly enjoy what they do and are immensely friendly, helpful and welcoming. The food and coffee point refreshments are excellent - both in quality and range of options.

My business is all about motivating staff in the workplace - it's great to find a venue that has clearly thought about the comfort, wellbeing and inspiration of delegates in every way.

I am very aware with running events like this that it is very easy to lose delegates'loyalty if things go wrong - the team at Maple House must understand this too as they put a lot of effort in to making sure things go right."